Community Outreach Center

Community Outreach Center

Browns Summit has always been a close community. Community is vital to the church and Monticello United Church has envisioned a place for that community to come together as one to grow in fellowship.

Located across from Monticello Church on Old Reidsville Road, we will soon see that vision come to life. It is vital to our congregation to bring the community together in fellowship and in Christ.

a place for fun

The Community Outreach Center will be equipped with a multi-purpose room that is roughly the size of a half-basketball court

a place for fellowship

The Center will also be equipped with a high-end residential kitchen with a separate, covered entrance and pass-through to the multi-purpose room.


Faithful members of Monticello Church have worked tirelessly to raise funds for the Community Outreach Center. While all of the funds have not yet been raised, construction is underway and is set to be completed in early fall of 2023. Cost of the building itself, exclusive of furnishings, is projected at $1,200,000.00. Currently, we have raised over $700,000 through the generous donation of members of the congregation and the community as a whole.

Click on the button below to donate to the Land and Building Fund. All donations are tax deductible.

Total raised: $701,000

Community members are encouraged to make gifts to MUCC’s Land & Building Fund to assist with the capital campaign. After all, the MUCC Community Outreach Center is for the community! To do so, simply Click Here and select the Land & Building Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Outreach Center?

The Outreach Center will be available for use by individuals and groups in the community.

What kinds of events can be held at the Outreach Center?

MUCC envisions wedding receptions, birthday parties, showers, and more being held at the event center. MUCC will develop guidelines regarding the type of events that will be permitted. Alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited.

What is inside the Outreach Center?

The Outreach Center will feature a classroom and a conference room. ADA-compliant restroom facilities are available. The Multi-Purpose Room will be the size of a half-basketball court and tables and chairs will be available for a multitude of arrangements.

The Outreach Center will feature a high-end residential kitchen with a gas range, ice maker, freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Guest Wi-Fi will also be available.

Will parking be available?

A paved parking lot will be available with handicapped spaces. There will be a covered portico over the main entrance and kitchen entrance.